Benoit Bardy

Benoît Bardy

Marta Bienkewicz

The SHARESPACE project
SHARESPACE (2023-2025) is the new EuroMov DHM European project (HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-14). It aims to demonstrate a radically new technology for promoting ethical and social interaction in eXtended Reality (XR) Shared Hybrid Spaces (SHS), anchored in human sensorimotor communication. Our core concept is to identify and segment social sensorimotor primitives and reconstruct them in hybrid settings to build continuous, embodied, and rich human-avatar experiences. To achieve this, three interconnected science-towards-technology breakthroughs will be delivered: novel computational cognitive architectures, a unique self-calibrating body sensor network, and a fully mobile spatial Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual human rendering. Our approach will be iteratively tested in 2 Proofs-of-principles involving human and artificial agents interacting in SHS, and 3 real-world use case scenarios in Health, Sport and Art. We will demonstrate a fully functional prototype of SHARESPACE tailored to the agents’ personalized characteristics (gender, culture, and social dispositions). SHARESPACE will support community-building and exploitation with concrete initiatives, including (i) public engagement around our research and innovation, (ii) promoting high-tech innovation and early transfer to our deep-tech companies, as premises for the consolidation of human-centric and sovereign European market areas such Industry AR and SHS, eHealth and tele-Health. Our long-term vision is to bring XR to a radically new level of presence and sociality by reconstructing sensorimotor primitives that enable ethical, trusted and inclusive modes of social interaction.