« Computational Photography and Movement« 

Perseverance and Curiosity are the main shared streams for research on Earth… or on Mars.Recently Perseverance’s Mars landing just showed the first gaze of this exploration rover module :landing proof to the live audience was the first camera shot… coupled with a huge amount of mysterious probing data.Curiosity just showed how Mars was looking, Perseverance will add some noise to this Tranquility… by recording sound.Computational photography is the leading edge of coupling image acquisition and vision. The final result of computational photography can be as simple as a red/green button for a smooth operator in s(h)adeof greys, or CP can superimpose lots of multimodal data on single shot events, including labels, sound, shapes, tones or even inject remote motor controls on drones. 

Nowadays computational photography, even embedded into cellphone camera head, can provide soft displacements of markerlesspoints of interest, including real time generation of 3D avatars displayed in virtual reality.The seminar will focus on the different techniques of acquisition and processing yielding to dedicated results for dedicated applications (i.e. motion capture, contrast enhancement).The ONIVOA facility will be introduced, while showing the mastered complexity of the different technical and theoretical fields involved in optical sensors, image acquisition, image processing, visual perception and vision… across time and space.